Faculty Members

Department of Chemical Engineering & Technology

Name Designation Email
Engr. Dr. Asim Umer
(Head of Department)
Associate Professor [email protected]
Engr. Dr Ayyaz Ahmad Assistant Professor [email protected]
Engr. Dr. Sabih Qamar Lecturer [email protected]
Engr. Dr. Ali Hassan Lecturer [email protected]
Engr. Mahboob A. Aadil Lecturer [email protected]
Engr. Hina Muryam Lecturer [email protected]
Engr. Usman Saeed Lecturer [email protected]
Engr. Meesam Ali
(Study Leave)
Lecturer [email protected]
Engr. Ali Sarosh Lecturer [email protected]
Ms. Mina Arshad Lecturer [email protected]

Department of Civil Engineering & Technology

Name Designation Email
Dr. Muhammad Aboubakar Farooq
Assistant Professor [email protected]
Engr. Muhammad Riaz Ahmad Lecturer
Engr. Fatima Mehwish Lecturer
Engr. Hafiz Asad Ali Lecturer
Engr. Hafza Khursheed Lecturer
Engr. Tariq Mahmood Lecturer
Engr. Umar Farooq Lecturer
Engr. Muhammad Usman Lab Engineer
Engr. Kashif Zahoor Lab Engineer

Department of Electrical Engineering & Technology

Name Designation Email
Engr. Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Pansota
(Head of Department)
Assistant Professor [email protected]
Engr. Dr. Zeeshan Najam Khan Associate Professor
Engr. Touqeer Ahmad Raza Lecturer [email protected]
Engr. Ayesha Khalid Lecturer
Engr. Hamza Khan Lecturer
Engr. Muhammad Bilal Lecturer
Engr. Sikandar Saleem Lab. Engineer

Department of Mechanical Engineering & Technology

Name Designation Email
Engr. Sania Azam
Incharge [email protected]
Engr. Muhammad Umar Lecturer [email protected]
Engr. Shahzad Ahmad Lecturer
Muhammad Aon Ali Lecturer
Engr. Tasmia Kousar Lecturer
Engr. Arbab shahid Lecturer [email protected]
Engr. Misbah Niamat Lecturer
Engr. Arsalan Qasim Lab Engineer

Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities Department

Name Designation Email
Dr. Shabana Afzal
Assistant Prof. [email protected]
Dr. Majid Niaz Akhtar Assistant Prof.
Dr. Farooq Khuram Assistant Prof.
Muhammad Amir Khan
Hafiza Kiran Saba

Department of Computer Science

Name Designation Email
Dr. Kashif Ali
Incharge [email protected]
Engr. Muhammad Kashan Basit Lecturer
Ms. Sehrish Saleem Lecturer
Engr. Muhammad Talha Jahangir [email protected]
Khalid Mahmood [email protected]
Muzammil Iqbal

Department of Management Sciences

Name Designation Email
Dr. Ammar Ahmed
Assistant Professor [email protected]

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